Global Civil Society

This Group social for doing revolution movement & declare wars To globalist & all they henchment. Read more



Global Civil Society Community This community was created to carry out a resistance revolution & declaration of war against Globalists (Global elites) and all of their accomplices including their agents around the world, including UN, WEF, B.I.S, Centralbank, FBI, CIA, the Fed & industrial network companies & Somed others, such as Google, Microsoft Billgates, Twitter, Facebook Inc Metaverse and others. & also the cabals (the Jewish elite in it), the illuminati, freemasons, rothschilds, soros, rockefellers and bidelbergs, satanic temples, rotary clubs, technocrates & evil scientists, and puppet governments in each country. we have to thwart all their agenda of the new world order, and destroy their beast satanic system all over the world, which causes a lot of chaos, war, fighting, conflict, bio weapons, disease, poverty, massacre, crime, high. and control, depopulation, slavery and misguidance, and all evil conspiracies and mischief in this world. We have to thwart their plandemic & depopulation agenda, enslave them with biometrics and decentralize digital currency, as well as the great reset and sparring agenda that sparked the great war of ww3. catalysm "by God I swear ... I have browsed almost all social media sites in this cyberspace. and none of them, which purely frees me to be able to freely speak the truth. except only what I currently believe" because everything has been controlled by globalist agents and the rest only contains communities with the aim of political interests & misguidance which are no longer in line with our struggle in the end times. to return to God's law, and face the end of this modern era towards the apocalyse era.

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